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BREXIT - What does it mean for Childrens Rights?

Organised by the Children’s Law Centre and

The Centre for Children’s Rights, QUB

Tuesday 6th December 2016

2pm-5.30 pm

Venue: Children in Northern Ireland, 40 Montgomery Rd, Belfast BT6 9HL

(Venue is fully accessible and free car parking available on-site)

Free event


The EU interfaces in very many areas of children’s lives from child protection to toy safety to the ability of children to accessing life-saving services in the South of Ireland. BREXIT will therefore have significant implications for children in both jurisdictions on this island.  Despite this inter-relationship the impact of BREXIT on children did not feature in the debate in advance of the BREXIT vote nor it would appear from public reporting, have the implications for children been high on the agenda post 23rd June.  Further young people under 18 were denied a vote in a decision which arguably has more significance for them than any other sector of our populations.  The silence in the public domain about the implications of BREXIT for children would suggest that, to date, the implications are not to the fore in the framing of any negotiations.  In that context BREXIT raises serious concerns and challenges for all those who work with and for children; namely how we can ensure children’s rights protections are maintained and not undermined in any post BREXIT arrangements. 

We need to fully understand the relationship between children’s rights and the EU before we can ensure any BREXIT process does not impact negatively on children and their families. This seminar will examine that relationship and the challenges BREXIT presents to those working with and for children, to ensure that what happens next protects the rights of all our children.  It will also explore what needs to be done in each of the three jurisdictions to protect children’s rights in any BREXIT negotiations.

Presentations and Speakers


BREXIT Costs: Assessing the Potential Implications for Children”

Professor Helen Stalford, Professor of Law at the University of Liverpool and Director of the European Children’s Rights Unit

“BREXIT: The implications for legislation in Northern Ireland”

Claire Archbold, Deputy Departmental Solicitor, Departmental Solicitor’s Office, Department of Finance

“BREXIT: Implications for Children, a Southern perspective”

Tanya Ward, Chief Executive of the Children’s Rights Alliance


As places for this event are limited and the event is likely to be oversubscribed please register in advance with

Tel: 02890245704

Places will be allocated on a first come basis.

See below for link to Baroness Massey of Darwen’s speech in the House of Lords 28.06.17 citing children's rights concerns regarding Brexit.


Children’s Voices on Brexit

CLC has undertaken a small scale piece of research to capture the opinions, thoughts and worries of children and young people in relation to Brexit. Whilst this is only a snapshot piece, we endeavoured to engage with a wide cross section of young people throughout this jurisdiction. We met with children and young people living in rural communities, in urban communities and in a border areas. We met with a wide range of young people, with a wide range of interests and addressed many issues within the workshops.

It is vitally important that young people’s voices are heard in any Brexit process.

CLC would strongly advocate that the Government needs to undertake a comprehensive consultation exercise with children and young people to ensure views are heard.

Click here for report on Children's Voices on Brexit - June 2017

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