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Children and Young People

The Children’s Law Centre was set up in 1997.  All our work is informed by the key principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which the UK Government signed up to in 1991.  CLC works towards building a society where all children can participate, are valued, have their rights respected and guaranteed without discrimination and every child can achieve their full potential.

Since 1997 we have helped thousands of children and young people to claim their rights through:
  • CHALKY, our free legal advice line
  • representing children and young people in Court
  • telling government what changes are needed to improve children's lives
  • informing adults about children's rights e.g. teachers, social workers, youth workers, politicians, solicitors, barristers, the police, fact everyone who has a responsibility to ensure that all children and young people survive, and develop to the maximum extent possible
  • talking to children and young people in schools and youth groups about their rights
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